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Driving success with Data Science

At QFactorial we help you leverage your company's data by creating end-to-end Machine Learning-powered solutions to address your biggest challenges with advanced algorithms. You're sceptical about the potential of data-based solutions for your business? Get ready to change your mind!

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Scale or descale capabilities as needed

Competitive rates

Leverage the lower taxes, affordable costs of living and the strong IT community based in Sofia

Resource saving

Save on infrastructure, workspace, recruiting efforts and payroll management

European compliance

Data protection and regulations to the highest world standards

About Us

We believe that by seamlessly deploying intelligent data-based solutions we are contributing to our client’s sustainable growth and prosperity.

We create and develop state of the art data science, ML and AI projects for clients across the world.

Our experienced core team has delivered value through Data Science/ML projects for Fortune 500 companies and features degrees from universities such as Berkeley and Yale.

A team of Data Scientist, Machine Learning and Data Engineers, DevOps & MLOps, mathematicians, statisticians, IoT and business professionals working from Sofia

Our Services

Staff augmentation / team extension

Hire the best talent in our tech hub for performing predictive analytics, time series forecasting, ML, Computer Vision and Deep Learning AI.

Standard eight hours work day.

Communication on any channel within your organization.

End-to-end teams

Rather than individuals, hire an entire tried and tested team for a full ML / data science life cycle. Our teams have a track record in working with big data and all aspects Data Science and ML modeling and lifecycle.

Get the right mix of seniority and skills.

We work together and invest in building synergistic client relationships to meet new challenges with speed, confidence, and agility. Our top-notch talent becomes part of our clients’ teams, innovating with them and putting the right data science and technology solutions to work for their organizations .

Our strengths

Start your project with confidence, backed by the supervision of the senior team that have business experience in leading and creating DS/ML teams and an academic research background.

End to end talent on the team, Data Scientists, ML engineers and Data Engineers working together towards your goal.

Ramp up a dedicated team and start working in no time on the project that needs attention.

Straightforward communications


Our people are cherry picked and all have experience in teaching STEM subjects at the university level.

100% of our senior experts have been at least once on a research position or led a DS team. They have all been through the whole DS/ML lifecycle in business settings and are skilled at risk management and risk reduction

Our top consultant has papers published in Nature.

We encourage life-long learning, curiosity and hands on experience on diverse business problems and algorithms

The core team

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Demir Tonchev
Machine learning & Data science
Demir Tonchev

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Veneta Ilieva, CFA
Business analysis & Strategic planning
Veneta Ilieva, CFA

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Lubomir Varbanov
Software & Data engineering
Lubomir Varbanov

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